About Me

Hey, I’m Stephanie! Thanks for stopping by!

I’m obsessed with the Fallout series and The Legend of Zelda series, and have recently been playing Fallout 4 as well as Breath of the Wild, which may be my favorite Zelda game of all time!

As I got into other things like Animal Crossing, I realized I’m happiest creating things that pay homage to my favorite games! I’m involved in a lot of fandoms that also like to create art for their respective games.


Fandom: TheΒ subcultureΒ of fans.


I started crocheting in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the craft. It was definitely something I wished I learned sooner in life, I feel like I would have made a lot of cool stuff in high school. But I get to learn and make a lot of cool stuff now! I’m planning on learning how to knit soon as well, so stay tuned for knitting patterns!

I also love to eat (I mean, who doesn’t?) and I’m going to share my favorite recipes with you! Sharing food and recipes with family and friends has always been something I liked to do; I feel it brings us closer and makes people happy πŸ™‚

Born and raised in Colorado, I moved to Tennessee in March of 2020. It wasn’t particularly the best time to move, but I’ve made the best of it, and even though it was kind of a spontaneous decision it was one of the best I’ve ever made.

The Story Behind the Name

When I worked at Subway back in 2017, I worked night shift and my manager worked in the mornings, so we would communicate through notes. At one point I wrote, “I’m just trying to be a good noodle!” And she shortened it to noodle and the name stuck. I’ve carried it all these years, as a nickname at my work places and now incorporated into my own business! πŸ™‚