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This is an easy pattern that’s great for beginners! It requires knowledge of changing colors but it’s a no sew pattern! Make this adorable Animal Crossing leaf pillow as an accent for your home, or a gift for an Animal Crossing obsessed friend!

This is the first pillow pattern I designed. I wanted to start with something simple, with not a lot of color changes, and decided on this leaf inspired by Animal Crossing! I used to create this pattern. I used a pillow form to stuff the pillow and have written the pattern to include the gauge, but if you want to use poly-fil or something similar, gauge is not necessarily important. The fringe is optional, I like the look of it so I added it in both colors (I used one strand of each color in each stitch of the border, and then trimmed it to the desired length).

I don’t carry the color I’m not using through the working yarn, so every time there’s a color change, that’s a different skein of yarn. THis makes the pattern more solid looking.

the ad-free PDF file is available in my store here or my ribblr or Ravelry store

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