I’ve had a lot of questions on this Unus Annus cardigan, so I figured I’d write an article that gave more of an in depth look at my process making it!

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I first played around with the idea of making some sort of half white, half black sweater with the hourglass design in the middle. I was thinking of making a sweater along the lines of this Simple Stocky Sweater. the first thing i did was design the hourglass in stitchfiddle (if you’d like to make your own cardigan like this you can download the chart I made here).

After crocheting about halfway through the sample panel of hourglass I realized that the end result was going to be wayyyyyyyy too long for the sweater I was imagining. I gave it some thought, and decided the best way to go was a long cardigan!

My go to cardigan pattern is Ashley’s Painted Canyon Cardigan. You can purchase the pattern on Etsy, and it’s absolutely worth it! I think I’ve made about a dozen cardigans by now using this pattern, it’s probably my all time favorite pattern to work up.

After determining how many stitches would make up the hourglass panel, I looked at the cardigan pattern and decided to go down a few hook sizes so that the hourglass would fit on the back, and the end sweater wouldn’t be huge on me. I basically used my measurements rather than the stitch counts in the pattern to make the cardigan the correct size. It definitely took a little bit of set up to prepare to crochet. After determining hook size and width of the body, I divided the stitch count in half so I knew when to change colors. Then I just went back and forth, changing colors as needed, following my measurements and the hourglass chart as I went.

After constructing the body, hood, sleeves, and borders, I thought it would look cool to add some sort of elbow patches. There was no question that they had to be skulls, and I remembered seeing a pattern for these amazing skull appliques by Crochet Nirvana. I made one in each color, and if I remember correctly, I went up a hook size or two from the pattern.

I also charted out the “U” and the “A” of the pockets on Stitch Fiddle. You can also find the downloadable charts in my shop!

I found the most gorgeous rose and skull buttons from The Craft Bunny Store on Etsy, and they are the absolute perfect finishing touch on this Unus Annus cardigan. After sewing those, the pockets, and the elbow patches on, my dream sweater was complete!

If you have any more questions about this cardigan, the charts, patterns, or methods I used to make it, or if you would like one of your own, please feel free to reach out to me! Thank you so much for your love on this cardigan!
And as always, memento mori.


So tell me, are you an Unus or an Annus?

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